Caregiver Responsibilities

Community Living Arrangements, Inc. (CLA) looks for fun and energetic team members to provide excellent quality care to our residents with disabilities. We encourage recent high school graduates and people still in college to apply, no experience needed.


  • Cooking, cleaning and personal cares
  • Plan outings and fun activities with our residents in the surrounding communities
  • Take charge of additional responsibilities as needed
  • A willingness to roll up your sleeves and take challenges head on
  • Annually attend required training classes mandated by the State of Wisconsin

Factors which Contribute to Good Resident/Co-workers Relationship

  • What you say and how you say it, will affect any future relationship with staff, residents, or families.
  • Persons in a compromised situation do not cope well. Be understanding of their behaviors to others.
  • Your attitude should be courteous and friendly, but avoid personal involvement with residents and families at work.
  • Never share confidential information that you receive at work. Do not jeopardize relationships with co-workers by sharing their confidences.
  • Do not share personal confidential information with residents.
  • Respond to resident’s requests promptly. If you do not have the answer, find someone who does.
  • Maintain a calm, quiet environment while avoiding loud conversations.
  • Never witness or sign a legal document for residents or their families.
  • Treat residents as individuals using the title they have requested, i.e. Mrs. Jones, Jane.
  • Always knock before entering a resident’s room.
  • Greet residents and keep them informed of your intended actions while providing care. Include them in your conversations.
  • Whenever in doubt, consult your supervisor


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